"Somewhere, Everyday, We Fight For Life..."

The name "Somewhere-Everyday" belongs to a memorial statue made of Bronze, which was designed and sculpted by Gary Coulter. As mentioned, this is a bronze statue that is almost 17 feet high, and it's dedicated to all the firefighters that have made the ultimate sacrifice and gave their lifes in the line of duty, while protecting the lives of others and serving their communities. The statue depicts a firefighter that is holding a rescued child in the safety of his arms, and the base of the magnificent statue resembles the rubbles that are so often encountered anywhere where a fire has been extinguished. In the very middle of the platform there stands a 17-foot ladder that extends to "infinity," which is depicted by the two unequal beams of the ladder.

The statue weighs 2 598 pounds and its rock-solid base is rooted deeply in the ground. The total cost of the memorial was close to 60000 USD, and it was officially received by the Fallen Fire Fighter Memorial committee in the year 1987 after almost 40 weeks of work by Mr. Gary C. It has inspired many to want to become firefighters themselves and serve their communities.

As with any such sculpture, there is a wall of honor involved, which lists all the Firefighters who have given their lives while saving others since 1976. Firefighters who have died before will not be forgotten and the presence of this memorial is even more reason for us to silently recognize their courage and sacrifice. They all are in real life human and have families. A Fire Fighter's family struggles daily as their "Hero goes off to work without security in knowing if their loved one will be hurt before seeing him/her again. They all know the dangerous profession that has been chosen by their special person. With every wail of siren, uncertainty tugs at heart-strings" in a way that only a Fire Fighters Wife, Husband, Mother, Father or Family feels. It is to them that this Memorial is dedicated. Special people .... caring and living in a very special way.

Somewhere, everyday, a firefighter is risking his or her life. Let's never forget that.

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